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Experience excellence with our Responsive Website Packages (Mobile friendly website): Incorporating Technical SEO, Including 12 months hosting, and packed with features!

SEO Focused | Responsive Mobile Friendly | Website Design Package incudes:



We utilise an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) first approach for building our sites, which means we will plan and be cognisant of the site architecture, content structure, and technical details Google will be looking for when ranking sites. This will provide your freshly minted site with a great baseline SEO to build upon in the future.


Single page to large multi-page website


Affordable packages, bursting from the seams with value.


Included in each package is managed DNS records hosted in Cloudflare DNS which is an enterprise-grade authoritative DNS service that offers many important benefits over the standard DNS options.


Solutions offered to assist in production of site content.


Website live-chat is an included option.


Basic security plugin included with an integrated malware scanner that blocks requests that include malicious code or content; additionally, it offers protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.


Obfuscated email addresses and phone numbers to mitigate website robots from gathering your phone numbers and email address to engage endlessly in spam attempts (most sites do not do this)


Our sites are elegant, clean and modern – get your business’s new look today!

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What should a website package include?

A comprehensive website package should include a range of essential components and services to ensure your website’s success. Here are the key elements you should expect:

  1. Web Design and Development: The package should cover the design and development of your website, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional online presence.
  2. Responsive Design: It should incorporate responsive web design, ensuring your site is accessible and user-friendly on all devices.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A solid Technical SEO foundation should be part of the package, optimizing your website for search engines to improve visibility and rankings.
  4. Hosting: The package should include web hosting services, ensuring your site is securely hosted on reliable servers.
  5. Content Management System (CMS): You should receive access to a user-friendly CMS for easy content updates, We use WordPress which makes it very easy to change and add your own content/pages in the furture.
  6. Content Assistance: Assistance with content creation or guidance on content strategy should be part of the package.
  7. Security: The package should include security measures, such as firewalls and malware scanning, to protect your site and user data.
  8. Regular Backups: Scheduled backups of your website data should be part of the package to ensure data recovery in case of issues.
  9. Analytics: Access to website analytics to track user behaviour and performance.

Why choose Creative Dimensions? Our website packages are meticulously designed to include all of these essential components, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your online presence needs.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design and development that ensures a website’s layout and content adapt and respond to the user’s device and screen size. In other words, a responsive website is designed to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across various devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This approach allows the website’s elements to reorganize and resize seamlessly, ensuring that users can access and navigate the site comfortably regardless of the device they are using.

Why choose us? Our Responsive Website packages are expertly crafted to incorporate responsive web design, ensuring that your website looks and functions great on all devices, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction

Here is a helpfull resource to check if your current site is passing Google’s Mobile-Freindly Tests 

What is the approach to SEO in your Responsive Website packages?

Our Responsive Website packages prioritize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the ground up. We take an SEO-first approach, planning and building your site with careful consideration of site architecture, content structure, and technical details that search engines like Google look for when ranking sites. This ensures that your new website starts with a solid SEO foundation, providing a strong base for future optimization efforts.

Why choose Creative Dimensions? Our SEO-first approach saves you time and money, by not having to fix this up later down the line, we ensure that your website is at the starting line for success in search rankings right from the start.

How do you protect against spam and cyber threats?

We take security seriously. Our packages include an integrated malware scanner that actively blocks requests containing malicious code or content. Additionally, It provide protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts. To safeguard your contact information, we also use another handy plugin to obfuscate email addresses and phone numbers to deter website robots from collecting your details for spam attempts.

Why choose Creative Dimensions? With our Security focued mindset we package reccomended free plugins with robust security measures, you can trust that your website and user data are safer and more protected against cyber threats.

By choosing our Responsive Website packages, you not only get a stunning website but also benefit from our expertise, value-added features, and commitment to your online success.

What types of websites can I create with your packages?

Our Responsive Website packages cater to a wide range of needs, Single-page websites,  large multi-page websites, Real Estate websites and E-commerce websites. Whether you’re launching a personal blog or a comprehensive e-commerce platform, we have the right package for you.

Why choose us? We offer versatile solutions to accommodate websites of all sizes and purposes, ensuring that your project aligns perfectly with your goals.

What value-added benefits do your packages offer?

Our packages are not only affordable but also packed with value. They include managed DNS records hosted in Cloudflare DNS, an enterprise-grade authoritative DNS service known for its performance and security benefits. Additionally, we provide solutions to assist you in creating site content, offer website live-chat as an included option, and include a basic security plugin with a malware scanner and protection against brute force attacks.

Why choose Creative Dimensions? Our packages are designed to deliver exceptional value, providing you with essential features and support to help your website thrive.

Can you explain the benefits of Cloudflare DNS hosting included in the packages?

Cloudflare DNS hosting is a key feature of our packages. It offers superior performance, enhanced security, and improved reliability over standard DNS options. This ensures that your website loads quickly, stays secure, and remains accessible to your visitors.

Why choose Creative Dimensions? We include Cloudflare DNS hosting to enhance your website’s performance and security, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience.

* What are our Website Change Requests?

We structure our Website packages so that we have phases in our Website Development where we finalise the design of the website, add provided content, expertly design the layout to suit the business and have that verified with the websites owner; we then have 2 rounds of change requests which are periods after content is added and the website is in a semi draft state. Our clients can then request as many changes as they would like in the first round of change requests and we will fix up the requested changes, whether that be layout or content. Just before the website is okay to go live we have our final round of change requests where, again as many changes as our client likes can be requested and once this is done the website should be finalised and ready for the final included technical SEO optimisation and a Go Live date is scheduled. If any of our awesome clients would like further changes, we are happy to do so but it will be considered out of scope and charged at our regular hourly rate of $110 (Approved by client beforehand). Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this process.