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Queensland, Australia

Effective Date: 09/09/2023

Website Package Timeline Statement:

At Creative Dimensions, we are committed to delivering high-quality websites that meet your specific needs and expectations. Our standard website packages are typically designed and developed within a timeframe of approximately one month, unless otherwise stated in proposal or official email from us before undertaking the project.



Please note that the timeline provided is an estimate and may vary based on several factors, including the complexity of your website, the timely provision of all required content and materials by the client, and the scope of requested features and functionalities.
To ensure the timely completion of your website project, we rely on a collaborative effort between our team and our valued clients. We kindly request clients to adhere to the project schedule, promptly provide necessary content, feedback, and approvals, and engage in open communication throughout the process.
While we strive to meet our estimated timeline, our top priority is delivering a website of exceptional quality. Rushing the development process may compromise the quality and functionality of the final product. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the agreed-upon project timeline.
Should any delays or changes to the timeline occur due to unforeseen circumstances or client-requested modifications, we will communicate these adjustments promptly and work together to establish a new, realistic timeframe.
Our goal is to provide you with a website that not only meets your expectations but also reflects the professionalism and excellence that our clients have come to expect from Creative Dimensions.
We value your trust in our services and look forward to embarking on this exciting web development journey with you.

Warm regards,
Creative Dimensions Pty Ltd.