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Queensland, Australia

Effective Date: 27/05/2024


Managed Website Hosting Terms of Service


1. Content policy: Our managed hosting services are limited to websites over which we exercise control. We reserve the right to manage and enforce content policies on our hosting service to ensure compliance with our terms of service and that of our 3rd party provider.
However, clients must acknowledge that it remains their responsibility when using our managed hosting services that third-party hosting services may have their own terms of service, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their use of our hosting services complies with all applicable laws and regulations within Australia where the websites are hosted.

2. Website uptime: We do not guarantee uptime or uninterrupted availability of hosted websites. In the event of downtime-related issues, we will make our best efforts to promptly resolve them.

3. WordPress Plugin Updates: As part of our managed hosting services, Creative Dimensions Pty Ltd will routinely update WordPress plugins to ensure security and performance enhancements. While we strive to mitigate risks, occasional issues may arise due to updated plugins, which can inadvertently impact website functionality. In such cases, where the website experiences disruptions due to plugin updates not caused by negligence or fault on our part, we commit to applying our best effort to promptly resolve the issues. This includes troubleshooting and, if necessary, restoring the site from a backup to a stable state within a reasonable timeframe. Clients acknowledge that plugin updates are essential for website security but also understand the inherent risks associated with these updates.

This Managed Website Hosting Terms of Service is effective as of 27/05/2024