ABN: 64665363299

Queensland, Australia

Effective Date: 30/08/2023


Terms Of Service -SEO services

1. Scope of Work: We, the web design company, will provide search engine optimization (SEO) services for your website, aiming to enhance its online visibility and organic search rankings.

2. Client Responsibilities: You agree to provide access to relevant website assets, content, and necessary permissions for us to perform the SEO work effectively.

3. Payment: Payment terms and pricing will be outlined in a separate agreement. Payment is due as specified, and any additional services requested may incur extra charges.

4. Timeline: We will work diligently to optimize your website’s performance. However, specific timelines may vary based on factors such as competition and algorithm changes.

5. Intellectual Property:

All SEO strategies, content, and optimisations developed during this engagement will remain the property of our web design company, unless otherwise agreed upon.

6. Changes to Website: Any changes to your website’s structure, design, or content that could affect SEO effectiveness must be communicated to us for proper adjustment.

7. Results and Guarantees: While we strive to improve your website’s rankings, we do not guarantee specific placement or immediate results in search engine rankings.

8. Confidentiality: Both parties agree to keep any sensitive information shared during the course of this project confidential.

9. Termination: Either party can terminate this agreement with a written notice. Any outstanding payments will remain due upon termination.

10. Limitation of Liability: Our liability for any claims arising from this agreement is limited to the amount paid for the SEO services.

11. Jurisdiction: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Australia, and any disputes shall be resolved in the appropriate courts.

This Terms Of Service – SEO services is effective as of 30/08/2023