Always remember to E-E-A-T your blog posts!

Write content showing your business’s Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

This framework, recommended by Google, assesses content quality and credibility. Here is the principle explained:

  • Experience (E): Assess the extent of the content creator’s firsthand or life experience in the topic. Enhance credibility by incorporating personal anecdotes or practical insights.

  • Expertise (E): Gauge the depth of the author’s knowledge or skill in the subject matter. Strengthen your content’s credibility by showcasing well-researched information, data, and references.


  • Authority (A): Evaluate the reputation and standing of the content creator or website within the field. Consistent delivery of high-quality content and positive user experiences aids in building authority.


  • Trustworthiness (T): Judge the accuracy, honesty, safety, and reliability of the website. Enhance trustworthiness through transparent sourcing, referencing reputable sources, and avoiding misleading information. Keep in mind, although E-E-A-T doesn’t directly impact rankings, it significantly influences how users perceive and trust your content. Prioritize crafting informative, audience-focused blog posts to foster credibility and audience engagement.
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